Community Challenge – In Season and Locally Grown

Community Challenge: In Season and Locally Grown. Hopeful that you tried the BLD Hash recipe and found it to be flavorful, versatile, and something you’ll add to your repertoire on a regular basis -- especially when most of the ingredients are in season and locally grown. This post is a call to [...]

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Your Microbiome Will Love This BLD Hash

Your Microbiome Will Love This BLD Hash! We're thrilled to introduce Karen McFarland as a contributor to Conscious Medicine!  Karen is passionate about nutrition, cooking, gardening, and health.  You can learn more about her and her work here.  Karen will be offering recipes and tips in support of your microbiome.  I have [...]

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Microbiome Matters

Microbiome Matters. I just did a talk all about the microbiome, why it matters, and how to care for it.  Understanding the microbiome is critical not only for your gut health, but your health overall.  You'll see why, in this talk.  Enjoy!

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A new medicine in 2014

Dear Friends, Welcome to the new year.  For us, 2013 was a year of transition.  Of recognizing the power and boundaries of our current health care system.  Of rethinking old ways of practicing medicine and setting out on new paths.   And of connecting with individuals as committed as we are to reshaping how people [...]

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