Community Challenge: In Season and Locally Grown.

Hopeful that you tried the BLD Hash recipe and found it to be flavorful, versatile, and something you’ll add to your repertoire on a regular basis — especially when most of the ingredients are in season and locally grown.

This post is a call to action, a challenge to inspire you to immerse yourself in your community and experience firsthand in season and locally grown.   Dr. Julapalli wants to ensure you have information and experiences that are empowering you to be successful in your efforts to attain your optimal health.  Should you choose to participate in this challenge, no matter where you currently are on your journey, we feel certain your taking action will move you further down the path and toward your optimal health and vitality.

So what’s the challenge?

This week shop a farmer’s market and select, buy, and prepare one item you’ve never tried before. 

Tips to support you as you take on the challenge:

As you meander through the market, notice which market stands are drawing the most customers.  This is usually for a very good reason.  The customers have found their favorite producers who consistently supply fresh, tasty, nutrient dense selections.  But wait, don’t rule out market stands that don’t have a crowd, as that particular producer may be just starting out and hasn’t yet built a customer base — or they offer a specialty item that doesn’t need to purchased as frequently.  Do notice how the producer’s offering looks, smells, and feels.  Make your final selection based on what you are intuitively drawn to (trust your gut).  Organic, bio-dynamic, or sustainably grown food is a high priority for me, as these practices net the most nutrient dense food possible.  Some producers are not certified organic due to the expense of that certification and the ongoing maintenance costs.   It may be necessary to have a conversation to learn what the producer’s practices are to ensure you are buying food free of herbicides, fungicides, or other pesticides.   If you need assistance in formulating questions to ask producers, communicate that in the comments section and I’ll give you some suggestions.

Here’s a link to Farmer’s Markets along with their websites in the Houston area.

While you’re at the market you may want to sign up for the newsletter of a local farmer you were particularly drawn to.  Oftentimes you will learn about upcoming on-farm events with some great classes to participate in or new recipes to try using in season and locally grown produce.  Most producers like to help you learn what techniques yield the most flavorful outcomes for the food they harvest and make available to you.

Typically you can find a copy of Edible Houston at the market’s information booth.  You’ll want to grab a copy of that, as it will have many markets, local events, and recipes for in season foods.  You may also want to peruse Edible Houston’s website to learn more about local producers and restaurants who source from the markets.  When you support these businesses, you’re truly supporting your local economy.

If you take action on this challenge, enjoy your visit to the market and please share your experience in the comments section below.  This will afford all of us in this community the benefit and experience of what you learned by participating.  We truly want to hear from YOU!

Next up, we’ll explore why in season, locally grown food is more nutrient dense!