Awakin Houston One-Day Retreat

Awakin Houston One-Day Retreat. I am excited to be co-hosting a one-day retreat in Spring, Texas, called Awakin Houston: From Transaction to Trust. If you're local, I'm inviting you to join us. The people behind this event are who inspired me to start the "priceless pricing," pay-it-forward model in my practice. The event [...]

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Introducing Systems Health

Introducing Systems Health. You can approach your health as a system of systems.  MIT-trained systems engineer, Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, and I show you how in the talk below which introduces the platform he created, Systems Health.  It's a beautiful integration of East and West in our understanding of disease and health -- [...]

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Microbiome Matters

Microbiome Matters. I just did a talk all about the microbiome, why it matters, and how to care for it.  Understanding the microbiome is critical not only for your gut health, but your health overall.  You'll see why, in this talk.  Enjoy!

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Tenet 9: The Driving Force of Health 3.0 is Love

Tenet 9: The driving force of Health 3.0 is love. What’s love got to do with it? Didn’t Tina Turner say it was just a second-hand emotion? Maybe, in fact, Tina Turner’s futile attempt to exile love from her heart points us to how similarly futile it is to exile love from [...]

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Tenet 8: Health 3.0 Affirms Life, in the Face of Death

Tenet 8: Health 3.0 affirms life, in the face of death. My older brother, a physician himself, had just gotten off the phone and collapsed to the ground in tears. It shocked me, because he doesn’t cry. So I collapsed to the ground with him. The phone call was about our mother. [...]

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Tenet 7: Health 3.0 is Medicine in Evolution

Tenet 7: Health 3.0 is medicine in evolution. Photo by Ashes Sitoula / Unsplash Health care evolves. We can see this happen from the outside — and on the inside. From the outside, medicine has been evolving since we humans started existing. Traditional Chinese medicine, the Siddha and Ayurveda medicine of India, the [...]

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Tenet 6.7: Health 3.0 is Antifragile – Skin in the Game of Health Care

Tenet 6.7: Health 3.0 is Antifragile – Skin in the Game of Health Care. I’m naked and exposed now.  And that’s the way I want it to be. After running my gastroenterology practice under the traditional insurance model for over ten years, I came out of all insurance networks in April 2016. [...]

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Tenet 6.6: Health 3.0 is Antifragile – The Neomania and Noise of Health 2.0

Tenet 6.6: Health 3.0 is Antifragile – The Neomania and Noise of Health 2.0. The Health 2.0 Meetup group in town was all about the new era of health care.  An era of digital health.  Patient-centric crowdsourcing.  Interoperability.  And the greatest cure of them all for our dysfunctional health care system: [...]

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Tenet 6.5: Health 3.0 is Antifragile – Hormesis in Health Care

Tenet 6.5: Health 3.0 is Antifragile – Hormesis in Health Care. There is nothing more Finnish than a sauna. There is nothing less Finnish than me. But I’ve become fascinated with the sauna.  I haven’t been in one yet.  But it’s calling to me. Explain sauna to a guy living in [...]

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