Tenet 2: Health 3.0 is both personal and non-personal.

Tenet 2: Health 3.0 is both personal and non-personal. In my last post I introduced the first tenet of Health 3.0: uniqueness. Let’s continue with the next tenet: the importance of both the personal and non-personal in Health 3.0. This may be the hardest tenet for me to explain, but here goes… [...]

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The Tenets of Health 3.0

The Tenets of Health 3.0. In a previous post, I introduced a framework for the future of medicine called Health 3.0. I distinguish it from Health 1.0 — where we’ve been in medicine — and Health 2.0 — where I believe we’re at now. There are different ways to practice Health 3.0. But what exactly is it? I will [...]

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Health 3.0: Where Medicine Needs to Go

Health 3.0: Where Medicine Needs to Go. The rip-off Have you or any of your loved ones experienced our health care system lately? If so, how was that experience for you? Were you pleased with your care? Were you able to access the system easily? Did it treat you with dignity, [...]

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Unique self and the future of medicine

Here at Conscious Medicine, we've been busy outlining a renewed framework for the future of health and wellness.  Available for download is our white paper, Unique Self and the Future of Medicine. We hope you enjoy reading it;  at stake is no less than the future of how we care for ourselves and each other.

The deeper currents of motivation

In my last post I talked about motivation, and how finicky it can be when we rely on it to modify our habits. This is the motivation that naturally waxes and wanes, as BJ Fogg describes it.  It can be fleeting, like waves rising and falling in an ocean.  You can surf this motivation wave as [...]

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