Medicine on Call

Medicine on Call. I had taken a hiatus at the beginning of the year.  It's given me a chance to get more engaged in our parents' health, reflect on where I want my own practice to go, and plant some seeds together with some really special people who are committed to [...]


Enough. "You just felt this huge mass in your belly now?” That’s what I asked my father about six months ago. He called that morning to tell me he was feeling something hard in his belly, and it looked “asymmetric.” I drove over to my parents’ house and examined my dad’s abdomen. [...]

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Tenet 4: Health 3.0 Balances Part and Whole

Tenet 4: Health 3.0 Balances Part and Whole. All things are parts of a whole. We find this understanding everywhere from the perennial philosophy of the world’s religious traditions, and the secular Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius, to the transpersonal teachings of Ken Wilber. In the world of biology, for example, atoms are [...]

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Tenet 3: Health 3.0 is about Both Exteriors AND Interiors

Tenet 3: Health 3.0 is about Both Exteriors AND Interiors. It’s the holiday season. And the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. What is Thanksgiving to you? You might respond by describing the home where you and your family get together every year. The turkey and many sides you consume. The charitable work [...]

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